Fringe season two news!

One of the great things about working in a video store in Hollywood North is that almost every day you have people in the industry coming in to pick up movies and shows they worked on. Today I got lucky enough to talk to a guy working on the second season of Fringe (filming here in Vancouver, the first season was filmed in the US) who was renting the first season to get caught up on what happened before he joined the production.

Apparently he's one of the self described "monster guys," prosthetics specifically. I can't really convey into words how excited he was to be working on the show, that's how stoked he was. According to him they're pouring money into Fringe to the tune of what is usually spent on a feature film and the intent of season two is to go far beyond the scale of events in the first. He also said that they've been on set for up to eighteen hours when TV shows do not typically run that late (feature films frequently do).

Add in the rumour that Fox is attempting to bring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny onto the show as a pair of famous FBI agents and you've got one hell of a production. I can't wait to finish season one and get onto the new season now!


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