Aphorisms Round One

1. The most radical perspective/experience in our heterosexual male dominated society is that of the feminist lesbian.

2. People complain about the fact that Quentin Tarantino brought talking about movies within movies into vogue. What's more important is that he initiated an open dialogue about the significance of pop culture in every day life as well as empower the average viewer to begin interpreting film in new ways. Consider the sequence in Inglorious Basterds where the Nazi officer guesses a description the plot of King Kong as being "the experience of the Negro in America," which is a perfectly valid and darkly comic interpretation of the film itself. In every one of his films Tarantino invites and encourages his audience to investigate and interpret film, movies, and music in new and imaginative ways.

3. There are two groups of old white men from whom the control of popular narrative in the (western) world must be taken if we are to move forward into a progressive future; the ones placed as the arbiters of what is Important and the ones who control the mediums through which new narratives are created and transmitted.


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