News round-up 012810

- Jimmy Choo wears heels to the club. But are they his design?
- Hulk Hogan claims to have fought in PRIDE. Twenty years before it existed.
- JCVD signs up for a real kickboxing match against an Olympian to hype his new movie.
- The psychic from Poltergeist died. Now you've only got those assholes from Supernatural to protect you.
- A Tesco in Cardiff has banned shopping in sleep wear. Welsh sleepwalkers are naturally incensed at the decision.


Marty Nozz January 29, 2010 at 4:29 AM  

Poor Whan Bam Van Damme got denied by the state athletic commission in Nevada. Probably a good thing for him.

And you forgot Buffy. She's protect us too! Although Sam and Dean have a better car.

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