It ain't easy being green

Snippets of dialogue and musings from my version of Brainiac 5.

"The fundamental truth of any doctrine is that it will decay. History is not so kind as to tell us when. There is no radioactive half life that tells us when a manifesto of peace is sung to the beat of the drums of war, when a religion of unity divides and conquers, when an uprising of democracy devolves into tyranny.

One can only hope, and must do so fervently, that the Legion- our struggle to this point- is quickly and decisively lost to history before it reaches that most tragic of critical masses. I have no doubt that no matter how righteous we remain, no matter how strictly scrupulously we act, the doctrine of the Legion will be used to propagate the very things that we seek to eradicate today. This is the problem with speaking to the future of course. It may have already begun; already word of the uprising on Earth has spread throughout the United Planets. These words might very well be the epitaph of the Legion, a bitter memory of a better time. This is the eternal paradox of the revolutionary

The predicament of our times is that we fear the future, which is most poignantly displayed by the fear of youth that necessitated our uprising. It is tempting to embrace the future, to turn to that which our elders eschewed, but replacing one extreme with another is never the answer. No, what we must do is fear for the future. The future is a perpetual birth, and if we are to see the future take a better shape then we must take responsibility. The Legion must become the midwives of the future if we are to achieve anything of note."


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